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This life thing….

20 Sep

…it just keeps getting in the way!

Moving is even more stressful right now so it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog, and for that I apologize.

I’ve still been thinking craftily (this is now officially a word!) and brainstorming but I’m not getting nearly enough time to write out blog posts that I can be satisfied with, and I hate writing up inferior posts! Please keep in mind that I update my Twitter and Facebook as often as possible with work-in-progress and completed projects that I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet and I love followers :-)

I would like to share a site I found with a very cool cross stitch pattern. A Stitch in Time has a 20-sided die pattern for only $1! It’s 13×15 and I’ve already got a project plan in mind for this little guy! She has a TARDIS/Dr Who pattern on that page for FREE all the way down at the bottom, too, as well as free Batman and USS Enterprise patterns!

As a happy side-note, I’ve finally got REAL business cards! I can’t wait to get some orders in so that I can hand these things out like candy :-)

Some Changes and a Link to a Great Tutorial

17 Jan

First off, if you look at the side bar over there –> you may notice something new. Now there’s a “What I’m Working On…” widget that streams tweets from my new Twitter account! I’m planning on updating it every time I’m working on something crafty. I’ve also added a new pattern for sale at my store.

Now, on to the real content :-)

I love finding tutorials and letting my creative brain figure out just how to make it work best for me.

I found this excellent tutorial for interchangeable bra straps and as soon as I saw that they only used one eyelet for the straps I thought “Oh no way will that give me enough support!” Next time I have bra straps that wear out I’m definitely going to replace them with ribbon but I’m using two eyelets just to be safe…

Image from handmadeportland.com

Today I Learned! Shirring

20 Dec

Today I learned how to shirr (what a weird word) fabric!

I was looking through the archives at Ruffles and Stuff and I found this great tutorial on how to shirr fabric. It looks so much easier than I thought it was, I’ll definitely be trying it out in the future :-)

This is from the website, I haven't gotten around to trying it yet but it looks so simple I can't wait!