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Tea for two, and two for tea…

31 Oct

Mmm, tea! So warm and soothing, delicious at any time of the day. With sugar, lemon, honey, milk, and so many varieties to choose from there are nearly endless combinations to choose from. It’s tea, obviously, that inspired this adorable charm bracelet.

Check it out on my etsy shop here! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll treat myself to a cup of tea… :-)


25 Oct

It’s nearly Halloween! Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday. An excuse to dress up and wear funky makeup and outfits and watch scary movies all night long while eating candy? Yes please! And of course, getting to wear Halloween-themed jewelry is a huge plus.

I, of course, prefer to make my own Halloween jewelry. Like these two pairs of earrings I’ve made recently, both of which are up for sale on my etsy shop!

Available here

Available here

Happy Halloween, everyone!