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Kyoti Makes…Nail Polish!!

23 Aug

I’ve still been crafting and creating, but nowadays I’m turning myself to other ventures: cosmetics! More specifically I’m designing and creating custom handmade nail polishes, and I’m really enjoying it. Most of my colors are inspired by geeky or nostalgic things from my life, and hopefully yours as well!

Here are just a few of my creations…

Pride (LGBT)

Pumpkin King (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Bone Daddy (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Requiem of Spirit (Legend of Zelda)

Use the code KyotiMakes for 10% off any purchase $10 or more! Click HERE to check out my shop!


3 May

I haven’t entirely given up my crafty side! I’ve been focusing more on nail art recently but I still can’t give up on crafts. Most of the stuff I do isn’t worthy of a whole blog post but this….I’m really proud of this!

Perler beads are also known as fusible or hama beads. They’re little tubes of plastic that can be melted together to form various patterns. I’ve posted a few perler projects in the past and this is perhaps my most epic one.

The TARDIS is an integral part of the Doctor Who series; more or less, it’s a spaceship that can travel through time and space. I’ve really gotten into Doctor Who in recent months and I’ve been doing a lot of Doctor Who crafts: papercraft, 2D perler, cross stitch, and now 3D perler. As a side note, if anyone’s interested in a cross stitched TARDIS  (or anything else) let me know and we can talk prices, I absolutely love commissioned work!!

Now, on to the project!

The light on the top is made with glow in the dark beads, I embroidered the details, and everything is held together with a mixture of embroidery floss and hot glue. And yes, it’s bigger on the inside ;-) I think this is going to be my new desktop candy dish!

It’s bigger on the inside!

12 Apr

What did I do tonight? Oh, nothing much, just turned my phone into a TARDIS! I must admit that I only recently started watching Doctor Who but I am so in love. I watched all of the new series within a month! If you haven’t seen it definitely check it out on Netflix Instant or buy it if you can. My favorite doctor has to be Ten, David Tennant <3

This was actually fairly easy once I tried to stop overcomplicating things. I made a template to fit into the back of my clear iPhone case, found a picture of the TARDIS that fit, cut it out, and just slapped it into my case! I actually specifically got the clear-back case so that I could do papercraft stuff and have it show through–I think ahead with my crafts!

Custom Starbucks Tumbler

8 Apr

So I’ve had this custom Starbucks tumbler for over a year now and I hadn’t done anything with it. I’d tried cross stitching an insert (which I can only find my 2/3 completed picture here) but it ended up being too thick to insert. So I’ve just left the blank black one in my tumbler for like 9 months. I’ve started using it again so I finally decided to just make something, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on it.

Suddenly, it hit me–my friends have told me I look like Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica (which I may or may not believe but I appreciate the sentiment!) so I found an image saying “Starbuck’s coffee” and the Colonial logo that looked like the normal Starbucks logo. Snip snip, tape tape, ta-da! I’m very happy with this; it’s subtle but still custom.

This life thing….

20 Sep

…it just keeps getting in the way!

Moving is even more stressful right now so it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog, and for that I apologize.

I’ve still been thinking craftily (this is now officially a word!) and brainstorming but I’m not getting nearly enough time to write out blog posts that I can be satisfied with, and I hate writing up inferior posts! Please keep in mind that I update my Twitter and Facebook as often as possible with work-in-progress and completed projects that I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet and I love followers :-)

I would like to share a site I found with a very cool cross stitch pattern. A Stitch in Time has a 20-sided die pattern for only $1! It’s 13×15 and I’ve already got a project plan in mind for this little guy! She has a TARDIS/Dr Who pattern on that page for FREE all the way down at the bottom, too, as well as free Batman and USS Enterprise patterns!

As a happy side-note, I’ve finally got REAL business cards! I can’t wait to get some orders in so that I can hand these things out like candy :-)

Etsy stuff!

15 Jun

I’ve decided that Etsy is probably a better choice for selling stuff than having my own website right now so I’ve been posting some of my patterns on my Etsy. Keep an eye out for even more patterns (and some jewelry!) for sale!

New Pattern For Sale!

23 May

I’ve been wanting to make a Sally cross stitch pattern ever since I first stitched up my Jack Skellington back in 2009. Now I finally finished the Sally pattern! On sale here for only $5, get it along with Jack Skellington to make a great pair of stitchings!

Robot cross stitch pattern

25 Apr

I have a really good friend who I call “The izzbot” and I wanted to make her something special because she’s been so helpful during my current rough times! She loves robots (thus the nickname) and so I made this pattern for her :-) I’m going to be making it into a two-sided keychain on perforated plastic, thus the mirrored image for the robot.

I just used colors I had on hand that looked good together: DMC 317 for the dark grey, 318 for light grey, black, and I actually chose to make the heart red (just a generic red).

I used this alphabet (originally found here at crossstitch.about.com), I modified the “i” and “o” though. Enjoy!

Planescape: Torment Cross Stitch

7 Mar

One of my friends loves Planescape: Torment, so I sent him a package with this inside it! I burnt the edges to look more like the Symbol of Torment from the game.


28 Feb

So I’m a geek. I love D&D stuff. And I’ve wanted a quarterstaff for a very long time. One day, I saw a 6 foot pine rod for like $9 and decided it was time to finally make the staff. I got some wood stain, a scrap of leather, some leather cording, a few beads (with big holes), and as I went on walks I would pick up feathers I found (I never buy feathers if I can find them while I’m out walking). I sanded down the surface, put two coats of stain onto it (I’m never using wood stain again, by the way, HUGE pain to use, especially on a round surface) glued short strips of leather cording and feathers into the beads, and used a few short tacks to keep the leather pieces in place. I am so proud of how this turned out!! :-)