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3 May

I haven’t entirely given up my crafty side! I’ve been focusing more on nail art recently but I still can’t give up on crafts. Most of the stuff I do isn’t worthy of a whole blog post but this….I’m really proud of this!

Perler beads are also known as fusible or hama beads. They’re little tubes of plastic that can be melted together to form various patterns. I’ve posted a few perler projects in the past and this is perhaps my most epic one.

The TARDIS is an integral part of the Doctor Who series; more or less, it’s a spaceship that can travel through time and space. I’ve really gotten into Doctor Who in recent months and I’ve been doing a lot of Doctor Who crafts: papercraft, 2D perler, cross stitch, and now 3D perler. As a side note, if anyone’s interested in a cross stitched TARDIS  (or anything else) let me know and we can talk prices, I absolutely love commissioned work!!

Now, on to the project!

The light on the top is made with glow in the dark beads, I embroidered the details, and everything is held together with a mixture of embroidery floss and hot glue. And yes, it’s bigger on the inside ;-) I think this is going to be my new desktop candy dish!

A Sample of my Custom Work

11 Jul

I love doing custom work for people. When one of my friends saw my embroidered rainbow panties she decided she wanted me to do a few custom pieces for her. We talked about what she wanted and worked out a price, and ta-da! She got some custom items that she (hopefully!) loves!

Headband, two pairs of embroidered undies, and a butterfly bookmark

I even wrapped the bunny panties in a cute little carrot bag!

If you have an idea for something custom you’d like me to make, leave a comment and we can discuss the details! If not, I hope you at least enjoy seeing my custom work :-)

It runs in the family!

6 Jun

My mom has been crafting since she was 5 years old when my great grandmother taught her how to embroider. She made these gorgeous embroideries in 1982 when she was pregnant with my big brother.

These embroideries came in kits with ugly plastic frames but my mother, being a crafty lady just like I am and not satisfied with following kits to the letter, mounted these in hoops and added pretty lace to them. My mom was the whole reason I got into crafting so it was obviously in my genes!

Aren’t those awesome? I totally see where I got it from now :-)

Pay it Forward 2011, Part 1

31 Jan

So I never do those silly Facebook “chain letters”, but when this one came up I just couldn’t resist:

“Pay it Forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. (Email me your address if I don’t have it)”

The first person to respond was my mom. She is a total Starbuck’s addict so I made her a cup cosy out of felt and did some reverse applique on it. I used one of the disposable cup cosys you get with beverages as a template and it turned out nearly perfect! Here’s her showing that it fits McDonald’s cups too!

I still have 4 more people to make stuff for:


I haven’t even started on anything else yet so I need to get on it!!

Embroidered Rainbow Panties!

13 Dec

These were just so fun to make. It was one of my first clothing embroidery projects I completed. I took some embroidery stabilizer, I used Sulky brand, used a washable fabric pen to transfer the pattern onto it, and a small embroidery hoop to keep everything in place. This is officially my favorite pair of panties! :-D

My Current “To Do” List

19 Aug

So, as usual I have approximately ten million creative ideas floating around in my head. Here’s a list of just a few of them. I’ll try to update this in the future so it’s all in one place. If you make anything inspired by this list, please let me know, I’d love to see it! :-)

Sewing Ideas

  • Bell-sleeved shrug, similar to option C in this pattern but with bell sleeves
  • A black denim trench coat with lacing in the back to look like a corset. I am currently working very, very slowly on this
  • Angel wings embroidery on the back of a shirt. I have already made one shirt like this and want to make another
  • Bell-sleeved kimono-style dress, I like this pattern, option A, but with long sleeves like option B
  • Mario star pillow. Perhaps put lights and a button to play the star music
  • Mario question block foot rest/ottoman
  • Messenger bag purse, following this tutorial and using black denim, perhaps with “Bag of Holding” stitched on it
  • Renaissance-style bodice and skirt, perhaps using bodice skirt B from this pattern or the bodice and skirt from this pattern Completed! Blogged about here
  • Neckroll pillow using my cherry print fabric for the center part and my dark red fabric for the sides (fabrics were previously used here)
  • White and sapphire blue wedding dress using option D of this pattern or possibly this pattern. It’s probably going to be a while before I make this one, but I’ve got it planned out now! :-D I might do a sapphire satin waist sash and may do a lace-up back
  • Groom’s outfit inspired by this outfit from the movie Stardust using option B (but the sleeves of A) of this pattern for the shirt, still need to find patterns for everything else
  • Leather or black denim collar. Take a strip of the material, put grommets/eyelets on it and lace it up with ribbon
  • (Inspired by my friend Thallium!) Embroidered canvas shoes. Find some cheap canvas shoes and just stitch something on ’em! I’ll probably do something like a tree or vines, something nature-related
  • Fabric gift bags using this tutorial
  • Kitty/fox ear hat using this tutorial
  • Sushi-shaped dog toys, inspired by this. I just need to find some squeakers to put in them, or maybe bells
  • Somehow I want to try to replicate this top, it’s simply amazing
  • One of these super-cute, super-simple iPhone/iPod cozies
  • Plush companion cube using this tutorial
  • Garter belt using this tutorial
  • Add rainbow ribbon as a trim to a shirt
  • Embroidered headband
  • This top
  • Button up spats like these Completed! Tutorial posted here
  • Skirts B and C from this pattern
  • A low-backed dress with a single strip of fabric across the back to cover my bra (because I can’t wear stuff without a bra)
  • Something to do with this patch I made
  • Layered lace fabric cuff made from this tutorial

Needlework Ideas

  • Cross stitched circuit board for my honey
  • 3D Portal Cube from perforated plastic or plastic canvas (inspired by this)
  • Sketch-style T-rex and Godzilla hugging embroidery or something else ridiculously adorable like puppies or kittens
  • Carl Sagan-inspired cross stitch patterns
    • “A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way.”
    • “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe”
    • “The cosmos is also within us, we’re made of star stuff”
  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series-inspired cross stitch
    • “The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed”
  • Stag and deer coordinated cross stitch patterns
  • “Love notes”: embroidery with a musical staff and heart-shaped notes, like this
  • An embroidered love note, stating all the things I love about my honey. Inspired by this
  • Office Space cross stitch: “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care”. I will not be bringing this to work >.>
  • Alice in Wonderland “Eat me” and “Drink me” embroidery for a tote bag
  • Fabric wrist band with embroidery
  • Eye of Ra cross stitch pattern
  • A towel for my honey to wipe his junk on instead of using my hand towels >.> I’ll probably embroidery little penises on it or something
  • …A crocheted ball sack filled with something gel-like inside it to use as a stress reliever
  • An embroidered Tux (Linux) on a shirt

Jewelry Ideas

  • One moon earring, one star earring, with matching necklace
  • Chain choker with a small padlock keeping it on, like this
  • A bracelet like this one
  • A bracelet using this pattern, one in dark blue and black for me and one in purple and baby blue for my mom

Miscellaneous Ideas

  • My own website, maybe named Kyoti Makes?
  • Jewelry holder inspired by this made of either wood or acrylic
  • Paint this wooden tape box using this pattern. The moon and stars will be on one side and will fade into the sun and clouds
  • A staff, because I am a geek like that. No idea how I’ll do it, yet!
  • Chainmail “dreamcatcher” following this tutorial
  • “Wallet” card using this tutorial
  • Needle book, inspired by this
  • 3D Perler companion cube, inspired by this
  • A tiny sewing kit with pre-threaded needles to keep in my purse for emergency repairs
  • Re-stuff my bed pillows because they’re getting all limp and thin
  • Something with vinyl; I don’t know what, but I have a ton of it. If you’ve got ideas comment and let me know!

Baby Stuff! Part 2

12 Jul

I made a crinkly square! It’s going to be for Caden again, not surprisingly. I can already tell that I’m going to spoil this kid whenever I get the chance :-) I got the idea from this tutorial, but I modified it enough that I made my own tutorial.

Here’s the finished product. It was my first time ever doing anything where stuff has to line up, so please forgive me!

Side 1

Side 2

Before I start, things I learned with this project:

  • You’re supposed to cut the outside squares BIGGER than the inside one to account for the seams
  • Working with crinkly stuff is difficult. In the future I’m going to sew the square with fabric only, then fold up the crinkly and put it inside before I stitch the whole thing closed

You will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • 3 kinds of fabric
  • Fabric marker (optional)
  • Crinkly stuff! I used a compostable Sun Chips bag, it was very noisy, but you could use anything from plastic grocery bags to a baby wipe bag

Let’s begin!

First, lay out the design you want and cut your squares accordingly. Remember to add seam allowances to all of the edge squares, with the corners getting extra seam allowances on 2 of the sides and the side squares only getting extra allowances on 1 side. I didn’t realize this mistake until I was already done, but you can learn from my mistake!

At this time you should also cut out your crinkly stuff. I didn’t want the front of the bag showing through the thin white fabric, so I made it the right width but twice as long and just folded it over with the silver side out; this also gave it a nice shiny effect when I was done. Remember your seam allowances when you cut out the bag, don’t make it too big or you will have to re-cut it.

Cut out your squares and pin them in sets of three into the pattern you want

Sew along where you had pinned so that you have three strips. Try to get all of the squares as close to even as possible so that they line up nicely

Sew your three strips together to form a square. Repeat with the other side of the square.

If you do it my way (which I don't suggest, I tore the crinkly stuff a bit turning it right-side out) then you can sew the crinkly directly to the square when you sew the two pieces together. Remember to put the shiny side on the correct side. Leave a small opening on one side so that you can turn it.

Turn right-side out and press out the corners with a chopstick or similar item. This is when I SHOULD have put the crinkly stuff in; if I ever do this again, I'll just fold up the crinkly stuff and put it inside using the turning hole. Stitch all the way around the outside and you're done!

Baby Stuff! Part 1

6 Jul

So, my honey’s sister is having a baby. His name is going to be Caden and he should be coming any day now! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make some useful baby things. Here’s part one of the gift I gave her, made using this tutorial.

I made minor alterations to the tutorial above. I embroidered one letter of his name onto each block and I sewed a bit of plastic grocery bag inside (no risk of it falling out if torn open) so it’s a bit crinkly. Also, black white and red are supposed to be mentally stimulating and promote cognitive development in babies, thus the color choice. I think he’ll like them :-)

Still alive! and working on cherry-themed crafts…

11 May

Oh! Hi there, Internet. It’s been a while. Just wanted to share (one of) my current projects with you. I had a pair of jeans with a little hole in them, so I decided to make a patch. I decided I like this too much to stick on some ratty old jeans, though.

And now, may I present… my first embroidery/applique!