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This *is* the droid you’re looking for!

17 Oct

Ah, robots! How can you not love them? R2D2 is a lifelong favorite for one of my robo-obsessed friends so I just knew I had to whip up this little droid just for her.

But just having R2 wasn’t enough; I felt like it needed something more…and then I realized: I met this friend on the Internet. Let’s add some Internet humor (and some mildly NSFW language) in there!

Yes, R2. Yes, they do.

I can’t wait to ship this little guy out to her! And maybe I’ll whip up a couple more since they were so quick and easy! I’ve got this pattern for sale on my etsy shop here if you want to stitch one up yourself!

Jack and Sally Cross Stitch Set

12 Oct

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite movies. I could watch it every day for a week and still be happily singing along with it.

I’ve already posted about my first Jack stitching (and hand-painted frame!) here. Someday soon I’ll get around to stitching up a matching Sally for my Jack, especially after completing this commission. The red background turned out so wonderful, I wish I’d done the background for my Jack in red, too! 80 hours of stitching has never felt so satisfying :-)

You can buy Jack and Sally patterns so you can stitch them up yourself, too! And I’m always available for customized commissions!

This life thing….

20 Sep

…it just keeps getting in the way!

Moving is even more stressful right now so it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog, and for that I apologize.

I’ve still been thinking craftily (this is now officially a word!) and brainstorming but I’m not getting nearly enough time to write out blog posts that I can be satisfied with, and I hate writing up inferior posts! Please keep in mind that I update my Twitter and Facebook as often as possible with work-in-progress and completed projects that I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet and I love followers :-)

I would like to share a site I found with a very cool cross stitch pattern. A Stitch in Time has a 20-sided die pattern for only $1! It’s 13×15 and I’ve already got a project plan in mind for this little guy! She has a TARDIS/Dr Who pattern on that page for FREE all the way down at the bottom, too, as well as free Batman and USS Enterprise patterns!

As a happy side-note, I’ve finally got REAL business cards! I can’t wait to get some orders in so that I can hand these things out like candy :-)

Wolf Cross Stitch

4 Jul

I have a friend who really likes wolves, so I decided to make him a special framed cross stitch of his favorite animal!

And, I’ve decided to share the pattern with all of you! I just used all generic colors for this project.

Click for larger image


New pattern for sale

20 Jun

I finally got my Serenity Prayer cross stitch pattern up for sale. Check it out here!

Etsy stuff!

15 Jun

I’ve decided that Etsy is probably a better choice for selling stuff than having my own website right now so I’ve been posting some of my patterns on my Etsy. Keep an eye out for even more patterns (and some jewelry!) for sale!

New Pattern For Sale!

23 May

I’ve been wanting to make a Sally cross stitch pattern ever since I first stitched up my Jack Skellington back in 2009. Now I finally finished the Sally pattern! On sale here for only $5, get it along with Jack Skellington to make a great pair of stitchings!

Robot cross stitch pattern

25 Apr

I have a really good friend who I call “The izzbot” and I wanted to make her something special because she’s been so helpful during my current rough times! She loves robots (thus the nickname) and so I made this pattern for her :-) I’m going to be making it into a two-sided keychain on perforated plastic, thus the mirrored image for the robot.

I just used colors I had on hand that looked good together: DMC 317 for the dark grey, 318 for light grey, black, and I actually chose to make the heart red (just a generic red).

I used this alphabet (originally found here at crossstitch.about.com), I modified the “i” and “o” though. Enjoy!

Welcome Home

18 Apr

My father moved to Colorado for a couple months in early 2010 to live closer to his family. He ended up coming back to California and I wanted to make him something special for when he came back. He has a little white dog that he always puts cute little bandannas on so I put her (plus her bandanna!) onto it :-) If you use the pattern you’re of course welcome to remove the dog, though!

Click for larger version. Any colors can be used. Use French knots for the dog's eyes.

Butterfly Cross Stitch Pattern

16 Apr

I was going to save this to have it stored up for when I need more posts but today is the one year anniversary of the day that Michelle Tatro, a woman who was like a mother to me, finally succumbed to cancer. The doctors gave her 6 months to live; she lived more than 3 years after she was diagnosed. She was always the brightest ray of sunshine I’d ever seen, even when she was at her sickest.

I love you, Shellie. This post is for you.


I made this a couple years ago for my mom’s best friend. I made this using a Janlynn kit that I got at JoAnn’s for like $1.50 but I added the little swirls around it. I wish I had a better picture of this but I’m afraid I don’t.

Heres a picture of someone elses completed project

Now I’m sure you ALL must already have this pattern purchased, but here’s a scan of it so you don’t have to dig around to find your copy.