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Crafter’s Spotlight: Liz M

13 Jun

So I’m going to be trying out something new: A crafter’s spotlight, where I show off a craft (or crafts) of someone and give a little bit of information about the kinds of crafts they do. So here’s my first Crafter’s Spotlight: My mom’s friend Liz M.

Liz is a retiree on a fixed income and loves spending time making crafts, especially as gifts for others. She has been crafting for 40 years and started crafting with her mother. She enjoys needlepoint because she can buy yarn and plastic canvas for cheap (she picks it up at thrift stores for next to nothing!) and can make just about anything with just a few simple supplies. People always love the personalized touch of something handmade :-) This project was for a friend’s wedding.

If you’d like to be featured on Crafter’s Spotlight please leave a comment! This is a feature that’s still in development so bear with me while I work out the kinks :-)