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Kyoti Makes…Nail Polish!!

23 Aug

I’ve still been crafting and creating, but nowadays I’m turning myself to other ventures: cosmetics! More specifically I’m designing and creating custom handmade nail polishes, and I’m really enjoying it. Most of my colors are inspired by geeky or nostalgic things from my life, and hopefully yours as well!

Here are just a few of my creations…

Pride (LGBT)

Pumpkin King (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Bone Daddy (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Requiem of Spirit (Legend of Zelda)

Use the code KyotiMakes for 10% off any purchase $10 or more! Click HERE to check out my shop!

Attempting to learn crochet…

11 Apr

I recently inherited a wide array of crochet hooks. Now, I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet for quite a while but never wanted to invest the, er, $3 or so to get a hook and it seemed completely over my head, so this was the perfect time for me to try my hand at crochet.

And guys? I’ve discovered something amazing. Crochet is magic! No, really, I watched a video and at a certain point the person just stopped making sense but they still ended up with a finished product!!

Ok, maybe it’s not quite magic, maybe I’m still just oblivious as to how this could possibly work. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I see my mom next so she can teach me what in the heck to do.

See? I tried! This is where I got lost.

Custom Starbucks Tumbler

8 Apr

So I’ve had this custom Starbucks tumbler for over a year now and I hadn’t done anything with it. I’d tried cross stitching an insert (which I can only find my 2/3 completed picture here) but it ended up being too thick to insert. So I’ve just left the blank black one in my tumbler for like 9 months. I’ve started using it again so I finally decided to just make something, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on it.

Suddenly, it hit me–my friends have told me I look like Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica (which I may or may not believe but I appreciate the sentiment!) so I found an image saying “Starbuck’s coffee” and the Colonial logo that looked like the normal Starbucks logo. Snip snip, tape tape, ta-da! I’m very happy with this; it’s subtle but still custom.

Happy New Year!!

2 Jan

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2012 is treating you all well thus far.

I’m still horrible at updating my blog regularly, and for that I’m so sorry! Just wanted to update you all to say I just got this nail stamping set that I should be receiving in a few days and I can’t wait to try out some new nail art! Nail art has been my craft of choice recently, I’m hoping to get some tutorials up for those of you who are into nail art and such, but no promises :x

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Now, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas (I only celebrate it for the family, myself) but I think that now is as good a time as any to tell those you care for how important they are to you and to spread happiness and love to all!! And I think a sincere “Merry Christmas” does a fairly good job of doing that :-) If you don’t celebrate Christmas, feel free to insert any alternate holiday of your choice (if you like I can even wish you a Happy Halloween ;-) ).

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for a few weeks and I apologize. Life’s been crazy but, as usual, I do still update my Twitter when I’m doing crafty (or, recently, cook-y) things so please check out my Twitter and consider following me! I update the same info to my Facebook page so please consider Facebooking me, too!

Life’s been hectic, I’m still struggling with getting sales in my Etsy shop in an attempt to supplement my Unemployment benefits, personal stuff is getting in the way of crafting, and I have to admit that sometimes my depression is just so bad I can barely do a thing all day. But you want to know what I’ve been obsessing over lately? Painting my nails! It’s become sort of an anti-depressant. Here are all the manicures I’ve done over the past few weeks while neglecting my poor blog!

In my obsession with nail painting I’ve also become obsessed with entering nail polish giveaways. I haven’t won any yet but I’m still hopeful! I just found a new giveaway, too, that you can check out here. Lots of cool stuff in this one, so wish me luck!

Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

This life thing….

20 Sep

…it just keeps getting in the way!

Moving is even more stressful right now so it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog, and for that I apologize.

I’ve still been thinking craftily (this is now officially a word!) and brainstorming but I’m not getting nearly enough time to write out blog posts that I can be satisfied with, and I hate writing up inferior posts! Please keep in mind that I update my Twitter and Facebook as often as possible with work-in-progress and completed projects that I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet and I love followers :-)

I would like to share a site I found with a very cool cross stitch pattern. A Stitch in Time has a 20-sided die pattern for only $1! It’s 13×15 and I’ve already got a project plan in mind for this little guy! She has a TARDIS/Dr Who pattern on that page for FREE all the way down at the bottom, too, as well as free Batman and USS Enterprise patterns!

As a happy side-note, I’ve finally got REAL business cards! I can’t wait to get some orders in so that I can hand these things out like candy :-)

Inspirational Mini Scrolls and Mini Gift Bags

18 Jul

Have you ever want to do something small but special for someone you love, just because? I got that urge recently and decided to make something special for a very special someone. I wanted them to know just how much I appreciate and love them, so I quickly made a tiny handmade gift bag with two mini scrolls inside with little messages in them.

It looked a lot like this! Because, well, this is it!

I used this tutorial to make the little scrolls, then used this tutorial for the bag.

I decided to make a tutorial because, well, I like making tutorials! So, here we go.

Materials for scrolls

  • Scissors
  • Thread (I used scrap 6-strand thread for this, it turned out perfect)
  • 4 toothpicks (2 per scroll, you could also use a wooden skewer if it’s thin enough)
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Craft glue
  • Nail file or medium- and fine-grit sandpaper
  • Construction paper or unused colored file folders (construction paper worked out best)
  • Template for cutting the construction paper (optional, but I’m terrible at cutting straight so I needed one!)

First, gather all your supplies.

Next, roughly cut a piece of construction paper and write your message as close to the center as possible. For my other scroll I wrote "You are wonderful", any sort of message will work!

Center the text and cut your message using your template. Make sure you leave at least 1" of blank paper on each side of the text.

Take your toothpicks and carefully cut off the pointy ends. Try to cut all of your toothpicks to about the same length, if it's not perfect you can fix them in the next step. Watch out for flying bits when you're cutting!

Using your sandpaper or nail file, smooth out the ends of your toothpicks. To make sure the pairs for each scroll were even I rubbed the ends of both toothpicks together onto the nail file until they were perfect.

Use your craft glue to glue the stick to the paper. Make sure you let the glue dry fully then start very slowly rolling up the sides. I found it easiest to completely roll it from one side until all the paper was sort of creased, then undo it and roll both sides evenly into the center.

Roll up both sides evenly then wrap your thread a few times around your scroll to keep it together, then tie it in a bow to keep it secure. Trim your excess thread so that they're even and your scroll is done!

Materials for a tiny gift bag
  • Scissors
  • Large embroidery needle
  • Decorative paper (or plain construction paper)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon (or, like me, you can change your mind at the last minute and use twisted embroidery thread when the ribbon doesn’t quite fit nicely through the holes you need to make in the bag)
  • Matchbox or anything else the size you want your bag to fit

First things first: you guessed it, gather your supplies!

Next, cut two pieces of paper. Use the match box as a template, being sure to leave enough room on both sides and the bottom to go just up the sides of the match box. Make the top as long as you want but I suggest at least twice as big as the side of the match box. Try to cut a little straighter than I did :-)

Fold the bottom up along the match box then fold each of the bottom corners down; crease and repeat with the other piece of paper.

Side view of the above step.

Hold both pieces of paper together with the bottoms folded then fold the tops down so that they are an even height (as you can tell, they might not be the same exact length inside but that's ok).

Top view of above step.

Randomly switch tape dispensers! Using your double-sided tape, tape the top of ONE piece of paper down.

Take your other piece of paper, put tape along the top of your previously un-taped piece of paper and fold it down over one side of the other piece, using a small piece of tape to keep both sides of the paper down (both the side on the outside and inside of the bag). Next, fold down the middle, then wrap your still-untaped end onto the corner of your first piece as you did with the other corner so that the top is now complete.

Put double-sided tape on the sides of one piece of paper and fold them up. At this point I found it helpful to slip the match box inside with a length of ribbon wrapped around the bottom so that I could easily pull it out of the tight slot and use it to press against so the tape adhered well.

Fold up the bottom of the "inner" piece of paper (this is where it helps to have the match box inside), then put double-sided tape on it and fold up the other piece so that you have a functioning bottom. Make sure you press firmly against the match box so that it sticks well then carefully remove the match box.

View of the completed bottom.

Take your ribbon or thread and tie a knot in one end. Make sure it's a big enough knot so that it won't pull through the hole your needle makes.

Pierce the needle through one side of the bag (making sure the knot is on the inside, you can measure from the edge if you want it perfect but I just eyeballed it) then thread it back through the other side. Tie a knot in the other end of the ribbon/thread.

Complete the previous step on the other side of the bag.

Stuff your little bag with tissue paper (being lazy and having my tissue paper all the way downstairs I used actual tissue for this!) and one or two scroll messages. You can be done here if you want! Or...

You can add a little embellishment to the front. I just took a cutout from an old birthday card and used double-sided tape to stick it on. Ta-da!

I am so happy with how this turned out, it turned out even better than I had thought it would! This whole thing only took two to three hours for both of the scrolls and the bag. A great, relatively quick craft to show someone you’re thinking of them!

Kyoti Makes Facebook Page

27 Jun

Hi everyone! Just wanted to remind you all that I have a Facebook page that you can follow which I update every time I post a new blog post and now every time I update my twitter!

Follow me if you want to keep up with my crafts! :-)

Making a house a home!

30 May

So I’m still getting settled in to my new place. I love this place, it has a little walk-in closet so I can actually keep my clothes organized, my room is big enough that I can have my computer desk and a craft desk set up at the same time! I’ve got this great little dresser that I’m going to be setting up too and I’m planning on building my own night stand! I’m dying to get this big bookshelf too from IKEA but it’s not in the budget quite yet :-) I’ve got the version that’s half as wide but it’s not enough for all my books, DVDs, and the various craft supplies I want to keep on hand! Oh well, maybe soon :-)

I’ll definitely be posting pics when my room’s finally all set up, just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s going on :-)

Life is still crazy!

17 May

So I’m still trying to figure out where I’ll be living long-term and trying to get my resume together and find a new job. I am still trying to work on craft-related stuff whenever possible but…it’s slow going. Please forgive me! I promise I’ll be getting back into a regular swing of thing as soon as possible!

And if anyone wants to write up a guest blog post, leave a comment! Tutorials, showing off projects you’ve made, whatever! Drop me a line and we’ll talk :-)