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Perler TARDIS tutorial

6 May

My Perler TARDIS post from a few days ago was a huge hit! I’ve gotten a few people asking for a pattern. And so, here’s my best attempt at a pattern and tutorial. I kind of made this up as I went so forgive me if it’s hard to understand.

Click for larger image


  1. Make all pieces as shown. Note when multiple pieces are needed. For example, the light blue box that says “Top x3” needs to be made 3 times. For the light at the top make sure you do the glow in the dark beads properly (see finished product below). Allow pieces to cool under something heavy to keep them flat.
  2. Using embroidery thread, stitch details onto perler pieces, being sure that they will look right when finished.
  3. Using embroidery thread, stitch the light blue “Top” pieces together with the thicker piece on top.
  4. Stitch the dark blue “Top” pieces onto the light blue pieces with the thicker piece in the middle connecting everything together.
  5. Snap the light together and slide the two prongs into the hole in the dark blue “Top” piece. Hot glue the prongs on the underside to keep it secure (either now or later). Set the whole top assembly aside.
  6. Snap the body of the TARDIS together and hot glue the joint securely from the inside.
  7. Snap base pieces (minus large square bottom) together. Turn TARDIS body upside down and hot glue the base pieces together, making sure to leave room for large square bottom.
  8. Quickly glue and place the large square bottom. I only glued along two sides as my hot glue was cooling too quickly. Do NOT attempt to melt the hot glue as you will damage your TARDIS.
  9. Turn TARDIS right side up. Snap Police Box pieces together and hot glue to the top of the body. Make sure to leave enough room that the lid (which we set aside before) will fit fairly level.
  10. Allow everything to cool and fill with anything you want–it’s bigger on the inside!!


3 May

I haven’t entirely given up my crafty side! I’ve been focusing more on nail art recently but I still can’t give up on crafts. Most of the stuff I do isn’t worthy of a whole blog post but this….I’m really proud of this!

Perler beads are also known as fusible or hama beads. They’re little tubes of plastic that can be melted together to form various patterns. I’ve posted a few perler projects in the past and this is perhaps my most epic one.

The TARDIS is an integral part of the Doctor Who series; more or less, it’s a spaceship that can travel through time and space. I’ve really gotten into Doctor Who in recent months and I’ve been doing a lot of Doctor Who crafts: papercraft, 2D perler, cross stitch, and now 3D perler. As a side note, if anyone’s interested in a cross stitched TARDIS  (or anything else) let me know and we can talk prices, I absolutely love commissioned work!!

Now, on to the project!

The light on the top is made with glow in the dark beads, I embroidered the details, and everything is held together with a mixture of embroidery floss and hot glue. And yes, it’s bigger on the inside ;-) I think this is going to be my new desktop candy dish!

A Sample of my Custom Work

11 Jul

I love doing custom work for people. When one of my friends saw my embroidered rainbow panties she decided she wanted me to do a few custom pieces for her. We talked about what she wanted and worked out a price, and ta-da! She got some custom items that she (hopefully!) loves!

Headband, two pairs of embroidered undies, and a butterfly bookmark

I even wrapped the bunny panties in a cute little carrot bag!

If you have an idea for something custom you’d like me to make, leave a comment and we can discuss the details! If not, I hope you at least enjoy seeing my custom work :-)

Celtic Heart Knot (2 of 2)

14 Feb

Ah, my first beading project. I am so pleased with how well this turned out. I made this as a gift for one of my mom’s best friends who has been like a mother to me all my life.

Cherry Blossom Bracelet

6 Dec

My girl loves cherry blossoms, so I decided to make her a bracelet inspired by them!


Welcome, Reddit!

22 Nov

I was chosen as Redditor of the Day for today! I wanted to post something reddit-related in honor of that so I give to you the perler orangered! For those not familiar with reddit, when you have a new message it shows an orangeish/reddish envelope. Pattern is below :-)

This pattern can also be used for cross stitching. Colors used are white, orange, and neon orange from the neon mix.

The finished piece is 3″x2″, I use mine as a coaster but you could turn it into a magnet or a small wall-hanging instead :-)

Blue and Black Bracelet

20 Sep

Last weekend I made a bracelet using this tutorial from Ruby’s Beadwork, it was so simple and I love how it turned out! It took a lot of elastic thread, I used about 3.5′ to make a bracelet big enough for my ~7″ wrist. I’ll definitely be making more of these regardless of how fast it’ll use up my stores of elastic thread.

I also got a light tent so that my pictures will look better. What do you think? :-)

Awesome Website Link

6 Sep

Ok, so I’ve never just posted a link to someone else’s website before but this website, Ruby’s Beadwork, just has so many amazing beading tutorials I had to share it!

My Current “To Do” List

19 Aug

So, as usual I have approximately ten million creative ideas floating around in my head. Here’s a list of just a few of them. I’ll try to update this in the future so it’s all in one place. If you make anything inspired by this list, please let me know, I’d love to see it! :-)

Sewing Ideas

  • Bell-sleeved shrug, similar to option C in this pattern but with bell sleeves
  • A black denim trench coat with lacing in the back to look like a corset. I am currently working very, very slowly on this
  • Angel wings embroidery on the back of a shirt. I have already made one shirt like this and want to make another
  • Bell-sleeved kimono-style dress, I like this pattern, option A, but with long sleeves like option B
  • Mario star pillow. Perhaps put lights and a button to play the star music
  • Mario question block foot rest/ottoman
  • Messenger bag purse, following this tutorial and using black denim, perhaps with “Bag of Holding” stitched on it
  • Renaissance-style bodice and skirt, perhaps using bodice skirt B from this pattern or the bodice and skirt from this pattern Completed! Blogged about here
  • Neckroll pillow using my cherry print fabric for the center part and my dark red fabric for the sides (fabrics were previously used here)
  • White and sapphire blue wedding dress using option D of this pattern or possibly this pattern. It’s probably going to be a while before I make this one, but I’ve got it planned out now! :-D I might do a sapphire satin waist sash and may do a lace-up back
  • Groom’s outfit inspired by this outfit from the movie Stardust using option B (but the sleeves of A) of this pattern for the shirt, still need to find patterns for everything else
  • Leather or black denim collar. Take a strip of the material, put grommets/eyelets on it and lace it up with ribbon
  • (Inspired by my friend Thallium!) Embroidered canvas shoes. Find some cheap canvas shoes and just stitch something on ’em! I’ll probably do something like a tree or vines, something nature-related
  • Fabric gift bags using this tutorial
  • Kitty/fox ear hat using this tutorial
  • Sushi-shaped dog toys, inspired by this. I just need to find some squeakers to put in them, or maybe bells
  • Somehow I want to try to replicate this top, it’s simply amazing
  • One of these super-cute, super-simple iPhone/iPod cozies
  • Plush companion cube using this tutorial
  • Garter belt using this tutorial
  • Add rainbow ribbon as a trim to a shirt
  • Embroidered headband
  • This top
  • Button up spats like these Completed! Tutorial posted here
  • Skirts B and C from this pattern
  • A low-backed dress with a single strip of fabric across the back to cover my bra (because I can’t wear stuff without a bra)
  • Something to do with this patch I made
  • Layered lace fabric cuff made from this tutorial

Needlework Ideas

  • Cross stitched circuit board for my honey
  • 3D Portal Cube from perforated plastic or plastic canvas (inspired by this)
  • Sketch-style T-rex and Godzilla hugging embroidery or something else ridiculously adorable like puppies or kittens
  • Carl Sagan-inspired cross stitch patterns
    • “A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way.”
    • “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe”
    • “The cosmos is also within us, we’re made of star stuff”
  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series-inspired cross stitch
    • “The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed”
  • Stag and deer coordinated cross stitch patterns
  • “Love notes”: embroidery with a musical staff and heart-shaped notes, like this
  • An embroidered love note, stating all the things I love about my honey. Inspired by this
  • Office Space cross stitch: “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care”. I will not be bringing this to work >.>
  • Alice in Wonderland “Eat me” and “Drink me” embroidery for a tote bag
  • Fabric wrist band with embroidery
  • Eye of Ra cross stitch pattern
  • A towel for my honey to wipe his junk on instead of using my hand towels >.> I’ll probably embroidery little penises on it or something
  • …A crocheted ball sack filled with something gel-like inside it to use as a stress reliever
  • An embroidered Tux (Linux) on a shirt

Jewelry Ideas

  • One moon earring, one star earring, with matching necklace
  • Chain choker with a small padlock keeping it on, like this
  • A bracelet like this one
  • A bracelet using this pattern, one in dark blue and black for me and one in purple and baby blue for my mom

Miscellaneous Ideas

  • My own website, maybe named Kyoti Makes?
  • Jewelry holder inspired by this made of either wood or acrylic
  • Paint this wooden tape box using this pattern. The moon and stars will be on one side and will fade into the sun and clouds
  • A staff, because I am a geek like that. No idea how I’ll do it, yet!
  • Chainmail “dreamcatcher” following this tutorial
  • “Wallet” card using this tutorial
  • Needle book, inspired by this
  • 3D Perler companion cube, inspired by this
  • A tiny sewing kit with pre-threaded needles to keep in my purse for emergency repairs
  • Re-stuff my bed pillows because they’re getting all limp and thin
  • Something with vinyl; I don’t know what, but I have a ton of it. If you’ve got ideas comment and let me know!

Perler 3D Motorcycle

11 Aug

Here’s a really old project I finished probably 2 or 3 years ago. I’m really happy with out it turned out but it was soooo hard. I made the pattern entirely on my own.