Strawberry Soymilk Recipe

9 Mar

I love milk. I love 2%, 1%, fat-free, chocolate, strawberry milk, I love it all. But I’m trying to cut as much animal products as possible out of my diet, and milk was an easy thing to change since my honey already drinks exclusively soy milk. And so, my beloved moo juice no longer has a place in this household.

In its place is something vaguely reminiscent of moo juice but that I just can’t bring myself to drink as-is. Soy milk (and my preference, vanilla soy milk) is wonderful in cooking and on cereal or in milkshakes/smoothies but I just can’t enjoy drinking it plain like I used to with cow’s milk. And of all milk’s incarnations I’ve been missing strawberry milk the most.

This evening however, a thought struck me: what is strawberry milk, exactly? Milk, well heck I’ve got soy milk and that’s pretty darn close. Strawberries, well I have some frozen ones that I’ve been meaning to get rid of. And maybe a bit of sugar, which since I need coffee to even consider making breakfast in the morning is always available. And then something to blend them all together–I’ve got that, too!!

So off to my kitchen I went and I left mere minutes later with a wonderful, sweet, slightly creamy, strawberry-licious concoction. Now I know I normally include pictures in my recipe posts but I have a confession to make…this delicious strawberry soy milk didn’t even last the 20 feet it took to walk from my kitchen to my desk. Next time I make it I promise to take some pictures ;-) The second best part about this recipe (the first being a tie between how delicious it is and how simple it is) is that it’s vegan, so I can enjoy this with my sweetheart :-)


  • 4oz vanilla soy milk (I like 8th Continent’s Complete or Light Vanilla)
  • 8 large frozen strawberries, thawed
  • 1 tsp sugar (optional)

Toss everything into your blender and blend until smooth! You could strain out the seeds if you want but they didn’t bother me.


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