DIY Nail Stamping Storage Tutorial

19 Jan

Nail stamping is the art of using etched metal stamping plates to create designs on nails. You can create some truly amazing designs that would be otherwise impossible to do by hand. For the design below I did a light green base coat and stamped the blue argyle over it. Super simple and it came out clean and (fairly) neat! Forgive the smudges, this was my first time stamping!

The problem with stamping is that there’s only a few designs on each plate, so they can be sort of cumbersome to store. My solution? A Dollar Tree photo album modified to be able to hold all my stamping supplies! And I’m gonna show you how to make one yourself.


  • Flimsy plastic photo album
  • Double-sided tape
  • Something triangular shaped that tape won’t stick too strongly to (I used a stiletto dagger)
  • Elastic scraps
  • Needle and thread


First, get a simple 4"x6" plastic photo album with the opening for photos closest to the spine of the album (as opposed to the top). I got mine from Dollar Tree (it even has removable inserts for the cover so I can put whatever I want there!) You will be turning each photo pocket into TWO plate pockets. I suggest folding it over like this to create the pockets, it's much easier than it laying flat.

Next, grab your handy-dandy stiletto dagger (or something else preferably triangular that double-sided tape won't stick to too badly) and place a ~2.5" piece of double-sided tape on the bottom as shown. The tape only needs to cover the center and not the entire width of the album because the plates won't be able to fall through so long as the middle is stuck properly.

Using the top of the triangular blade (tape facing down) slowly lift the plastic film and place the tape centered both horizontally and vertically. Press the tape down to adhere it to the thicker plastic (not the film) portion of the album ONLY, then slowly rotate the dagger (or other implement) to one side to remove it from the tape. Pull out dagger and set aside until you do your next pocket.

Make sure the tape and the film don't touch each other yet, then very slowly and starting from the outside edge of the album press the film onto the tape. Slight wrinkling may occur, you can generally lift the film carefully and try again. Repeat for as many pockets as you need, I only did half of my album since I ran out of double-sided tape.

Place one plate in each new pocket and begin contemplating how you're going to store that bulky stamper!

Cut a piece of elastic about 3" long. When finished, you'll want a snug fit so test for fit before sewing; the elastic should require a bit of stretching to fit snugly around the center of the stamper.

Take a needle and thread and sew the elastic into a circle. Open your album to the very center and carefully sew through the thin plastic. It may take a bit of force to get through, so be careful. My album already had thinner areas so I used those as a guide.

Put your scraper/old gift card in one of the pockets and slide your stamper into place. Now you're all set to stamp!


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