Spats Tutorial

6 Sep

Sorry there’s no pics this time, this is mostly for my own benefit so that if I’m crazy enough to make these things again I can remember how I did them.

So, I attempted to recreate these beautiful spats/leg warmers. My thighs are probably too fat for the ones from Sock Dreams so I decided to make some myself! If you have any questions or need clarification, let me know! If I make these again I’ll take pictures. I’ll be taking pictures of the ones I made when I get the opportunity.

You will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Jersey-type fabric
  • Elastic (mine is .5″ wide)
  • Buttons (20 to 24)
  • A pair of jeans that fit the way you want your spats from the mid-thighs down to the bottom
  • Fabric pen
  • Normal pen
  • Paper to transfer your pattern on to (you might be able to use an opened-up paper bag for this)

First, put your pants on and put a pin in them however high you want your spats to come. Lay down your paper then put your jeans down on top of it. Trace around the jeans on both sides and along the bottom up to as high as you want your spats to be, then remove the jeans and connect the two tops of your lines. Cut this out. The whole time I was working on this I marked which end was the bottom by putting a pin along the bottom edge. Both sides looked pretty similar and I didn’t want to mess it up.

Lay out your fabric making sure that your fabric will stretch along the short side once it’s cut out. When you’re done, you want to make sure your leg holes can stretch to fit around your legs, I did mine wrong so don’t you make the same mistake! Fold your fabric over so you only have to trace once, then place your paper guide over it and use your fabric pen to trace around it. Move your paper guide to a different spot on the fabric, trace around the top, bottom, and one side of the guide. Next, move your guide 1.5″ to 2″ to make this one a little wider and complete tracing around it. This step is so that we can fold over a little bit of the fabric and make it look “darker” like you see in the photo at Sock Dreams. Cut out around your markings, making sure to get two of each size. I pinned my fabric to make sure nothing shifted.

Take one of each size of fabric and sew along one long side. Lay your project down (inside-out) with the wider piece of fabric on top. Fold the fabric back so that the edge lines up with the edge of fabric on the other side, then fold again so that both sides are the same length. Pin and sew along the inside edge, the edge closest to the seam you already made. Turn your whole thing right-side-out and pin the remaining unfinished side underneath the part you just sewed. Check for fit before sewing, then sew along the side to create a tube! Hem the bottom so it looks nice and trim any excess fabric, make sure you still have enough for the stitching to remain secure though.

Take your elastic, stretch it so it will fit your leg snugly, and trim it to the size you need. Sew it into a circle (I did this by hand). Put the circle of elastic inside your fabric tube and pin the elastic inside of it. Using a zig-zag stitch (which allows the fabric to stretch more than a “normal” stitch does), sew. Make sure you don’t sew the elastic TO the fabric, just into a fabric sleeve so it can stretch easily.

Measure how long your spats are and, based upon how many buttons you have, figure out how often they should be sewn on. I marked my points where I would sew the buttons with my washable fabric pen. Finally, sew on your buttons! Repeat for your second spat.

I will be trying to recreate the buckle that Sock Dreams has on them but I’m not sure how successful that will end up being.


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