Baby Stuff! Park 3: Crinkly Baby Chain Tutorial

31 Aug

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of the Baby Stuff series.

I got the basic idea from this tutorial when I was looking at the fabric blocks. I modified this quite a bit, just like the crinkly square, so it gets its own tutorial as well! Some of these pictures are terrible, I apologize in advance. It’s hard taking pictures as you work and this project drove me insane!

Surprise, surprise, this was another learning experience for me. I seem to be having a lot of those with this set of projects! Oh well, on we go!

I only learned one thing with this project, but it was one that would have made things much easier if I’d known before hand.

  • I should have made my strips both wider and longer, it would have made working with them significantly easier.

You will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • 3 kinds of fabric
  • Crinkly stuff! I used a cut-up compostable Sunchips bag. I’m sure Caden’s mom will appreciate just how crinkly that stuff is when he starts playing with them :-P
  • Velcro (optional but a nice touch so that it can be attached to things)
  • One chopstick (optional but very helpful)
  • Something flat and thin for pressing out edges before ironing

Here we go!

First, cut out one strip in the size that you want. Mine were 1.5 inches by 6.75 inches, which was a bit too small. If I was ever crazy enough to do it again, I'd make them at least an inch wider and two inches longer. After you have one cut out, pin it to your fabric in a way that allows you to fold the fabric nicely for easier cutting.

Next, start folding your fabric until you have a total of 10 pieces of fabric (5 folds, for me since I had folded my fabric in half first).

Cut around your guide piece and snip all of the folded edges so that you have 10 (plus one guide) strips of fabric pinned to one another. Do this for all of the other colors.

Here are my 10 strips of each color.

Next, cut up your chip bag/crinkly stuff into a size that works. I cut my strips to double the width of what my fabric strips would be so I could fold them over and have the silver stuff facing out. Make sure you cut enough to fill all of your fabric strips--in this case, 15 of them.

Take two strips of the same color and put them right-sides facing each other. Stitch up both of the long sides but leave the short ones open for now. Repeat for all colors.

Tie a little knot in the thread at each end to ensure it doesn't come undone. Sorry, this one's hard to see.

Repeat for all 5, then repeat for all colors.

Carefully start to turn your fabric tubes right-side-out.

Put your chopstick in with the big, rounded edge against the side of the fabric that is curling over.

Keep pushing until it's all the way right-side-out.

Now you have this.

Lightly press your strips into shape using just your hands and heat up your iron.

When you're ready to iron, use something flat and rigid to push out the sides as crisply as possible and iron in sections.

Repeat for all colors.

Curl the edge of one side inward, just enough for a seam.

Sew straight across.

Fold one piece of your crinkly stuff in half, silver side out, and slide into the tube.

Sew straight up both sides, making sure to catch the crinkly stuff. Trim any excess crinkly stuff at the open end.

If you're using Velcro, do this for FOUR of the black, FOUR of the white, and ALL of the red. If you're not using Velcro, do this for all of the strips.

For the strips with Velcro, put the crinkly stuff in just like for the other strips but fold in the other side of the strip and sew straight across. If I did this again, I'd probably sew all of them like that just for neatness, but I didn't this time so ON WITH THE TUTORIAL!

Take your Velcro, sew one piece at one end and the other piece on the opposite end AND the opposite side so that it makes a nice circle. In this picture, I have the strip folded into a V to show both sides.

This is what you should have now: 5 white strips (one of which has Velcro on it), 5 black strips (one of which has Velcro on it), and 5 red strips.

Take one of your strips and fold over a little bit of one end

Fold the strip around as shown.

This is where longer loops REALLY would have been beneficial. Keeping everything aligned, put the loop onto your sewing machine. Securely sew the strip into a loop; I sewed down one side, turned and sewed a couple stitches, sewed back up, then completed the little box of stitches and it turned out nice.

You should end up with this. Complete this step ONLY for all of the red pieces.

Using the same method for completing the red loops, sew one black loop to each of the red loops. Velcro on the strip that has Velcro on it just to keep everything the same.

Here's the most important step: lay everything out like this so you know what will be sewn together. Don't forget to loop your white strip around both a red and a black strip (I almost forgot, that wouldn't have been fun). Make sure your black Velcroed piece is on the opposite end from your white Velcroed piece.

Sew the white strips just like the red and the black and you're done!

Here's the whole set for Part 2 of Caden's gifts (they weren't done at the same time as his blocks).

Here's the inside of the card, I love how the whole thing turned out. I incorporated stuff from Caden's baby shower into the card, like the light blue thread and the ribbon. This is probably the best card I've ever made :-)


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