Strawberry pin cushion!

1 Jul

So, I totally needed a pin cushion and some new pins ’cause I kept dropping the stupid things. My honey does not like finding pins on the floor. So I found a tutorial to make a super cute strawberry pin cushion.

I couldn’t find any fabric I liked enough, so I just bought some red felt and did a ton of little white French knots to make it look like the seeds. I also used plain old pins to keep the ends of the leaves down.

It turned out great! I’m going to be doing another one but putting in a Styrofoam core and using more of my plain pins to simulate the seeds instead of doing French knots, just to see how it looks.


I made another one, a little bit bigger (4″ radius), using half of a foamy stress ball along with the rest of the stuffing to keep it’s strawberry-like shape. I used the plain pins to make it look kind of like seeds, and it turned out pretty well! The foam core really helps keep the pins in there. Overall, the experiment was a success! I would definitely suggest using some sort of foamy core if anyone makes one of these.


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