Happy Seamstress’ Nintendo Craft Contest

28 Jun

So Happy Seamstress is having a contest for Nintendo-themed crafts. I’ve entered a couple items (two of which I’ve already posted here before). Check out the entries and vote on stuff!

Here are the ones I entered:

My honey's birthday present last year

My honey's anniversary present for last year

My honey liked it so much, this will be his once I make myself a replacement!

I love this little box. So handy for keeping all of my change. Not my honey's :-D

Sorry I’ve not been posting much lately, I feel terrible that I don’t update as often as I’d like. School is getting very time-consuming, but I get my degree in 3 weeks!!

I’ve still been crafting a lot and trying to take pictures (when I remember to do so). Hopefully I’ll have a ton of posts once I finish school. If anyone ever misses me and wants me to update, just leave me a comment so I know I actually have some readers other than just my mom and my best friend! :-)


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