Rainbow/Chakra Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Set Tutorial

13 Mar

I… love… rainbow stuff! So I decided to make the perfect jewelry set! I spent a lot more money on this than I expected (Swarovski crystals are expensive), but it was definitely worth it. So! Shall we begin?

For the full set, you will need:

  • 6 each 4mm Swarovski crystal for each colour
  • 2 each 8mm Swarovski crystal for each colour
  • 2 each 6mm clear Swarovski crystals (optional)
  • 24 each small spacer beads (mine were flat discs)
  • 11 each decorative spacer beads (10 if no charm is used on the necklace)
  • 30 (or 34) clear seed beads
  • 1 charm
  • 2 clasps (I used toggles)
  • 6 or 7 jump rings (optional)
  • 10″ to 12″ of chain
  • 2 earring hooks
  • 2 head pins
  • 6 crimp beads (technically optional, but very helpful)
  • Bead threader (technically optional, but very helpful as well)
  • Needle-nose pliers, rounded pliers, and wire cutters

The first time I made this I didn’t have crimp beads, so I got those as soon as I could and remade it. The pictures are from when I just tied knots in everything. The bracelet ended up being about 6.5″ with the pattern I made, which was just perfect for my wrist.

Here we go!

First off, the finished set!

First, solder everything together. Put a jump ring on the charm, connect the toggles to their chains, put a jump ring at the end of each chain, and put jump rings on the other toggles. I went over soldering techniques in a previous post (link below)

WordPress doesn’t want to work with me, so here is where I went over soldering techniques.

Loop a piece of stretch thread through the jump ring on the toggle pictured above (otherwise it won't go through properly). Thread a seed bead, one of the 6mm beads, then another seed bead onto the bead threader. Slip both ends of the thread through the threader's loop.

Tie a knot (or put a crimp bead on the end) and you'll end up with this.

Attach another piece of thread to one end of the toggle, then thread your beads on in the desired pattern. I found it easier to use the bead threader for this, especially for my filagree spacer beads (you'll see those in the next step).

I chose a pattern of seed, round spacer, seed, 4mm Swarovski, flat spacer, 8mm Swarovski, flat spacer, 4mm Swarovski, and repeat! If you choose to put a charm in, after you finish putting the yellow beads on do seed bead, round spacer, charm, round spacer, then seed bead and resume as usual. Repeat for the bracelet.

I had head pins with ends that I didn't like, so I snipped it off with wire cutters and soldered a seed bead onto the end.

Make sure you get the beads on there securely, I had one of the seed beads come off after a couple days.

Thread the beads on in the order shown. If you're doing a chakra pattern, you'll need to put them on in the opposite direction and with an extra bead at the top.

Take your rounded pliers and twist the end of the head pin around them. Snip off any excess with wire cutters.

Loop the beaded head pin onto the earring hook, then tighten the loop on the head pin so that it won't slip off

Earrings: done!

The completed set!


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