Super Easy Dog Bed Tutorial

26 Jan

My dog Sophie stays in the garage all day while I’m at work, and she needed a nice comfy bed.  Dog beds are expensive so I decided to make one myself out of stuff that I already had!!

You will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • An old bed sheet or desired fabric
  • Painter’s canvas tarp (optional, you can just use double of the other fabric)
  • Two pillows (I used old, standard sized pillows which were about 18″ x 24″. New ones are ok, but dogs don’t mind if they get old pillows!)
  • Lots of thread (I used heavy duty since I was using the painter’s tarp)
  • About an hour of free time

Let’s begin!

Gather your materials.

Roughly trim your fabric to the size you need. My fabric was cut to about 34" to 25" (about 90 x 65 cm).

To get my size right, I put the old sheet over the already-cut painter's canvas and roughly cut it to size, then trimmed it down to the size I wanted so it was more manageable. Check in with your doggie supervisor; Sophie was making sure I was keeping on task and not taking a ton of pictures!

Lay your fabrics together with the sides you want OUTSIDE facing inwards. Get the fabric as aligned as possible, you want to make sure there's no weird shifting while sewing. You can pin it if you want, but I went freehand with this.

Starting so that you sew along one of the longer sides, begin sewing. Take care to make sure your fabric stays aligned.

Check in with the supervisor again!

Sew 3/4s of the way around, leaving one of the short sides unsewn.

Turn your fabric right-side out, make sure to get the corners nice and crisp, then stuff your two pillows in. I put mine with the long side of the pillow nestled against the short side of the fabric and they fit together very nicely.

Take your open end, fold it in a little bit and pin it all the way across. Then, sew straight across and you're done!

"Sophie, off! Mommy needs to take pictures!" My partner is off to the side trying to get her off the bed so I could take a shot of it completed, but she liked it so much she wouldn't get off!

"But Mooom, it's comfy!"

Ah, well, a happy puppy is exactly what I was hoping for! A shot of it with her on it is better than one without her!

Lay your fabrics together with the sides you want OUTSIDE facing inwards.

One Response to “Super Easy Dog Bed Tutorial”

  1. trill January 26, 2010 at 6:50 PM #

    It’s kind of cute just how much she is all over the pillow as it is done. :)

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