My new computer, Epona <3

21 Oct

So, my new computer (which I have named Epona) arrived yesterday!  I rushed home to start putting her together, and my boyfriend snapped a few shots.  Since Epona will be helping me update my blog, I figured it was fitting to show her birth here <3


4 Responses to “My new computer, Epona <3”

  1. crazymacguy November 2, 2009 at 1:07 AM #

    Yay! Epona lives on in computer form! How’s the build going and what are the specs, hun?

    • kyotijess November 2, 2009 at 10:30 AM #

      She’s all set up and working great! I’ve got Windows XP and Karmic Koala (Ubuntu) on her, but I stick to using Karmic for everything but gaming. I just bought new 20″ (matching, finally!) dual monitors that should be here soon, so I’ll update with a couple more pics when they come.

      This is what she’s made of:
      Antec Sonata Elite Black Case
      Antec EarthWatts EA750 750W PSU
      GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard
      Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz Dual-Core Processor
      CORSAIR 4GB DDR2 800 Memory
      EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit DDR3 Video Card
      Seagate Barracuda LP 500GB SATA Hard Drive
      LITE-ON SATA CD/DVD Burner
      ( if you wanna check stuff out more thoroughly)

  2. Reddit December 7, 2009 at 12:04 PM #

    I like epona 1 the best, but where’s the whole serious you mentioned on reddit?

    • kyotijess December 7, 2009 at 12:12 PM #

      I’m afraid the camera had to go away after the clothes came off, so this was all we took ;-P

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